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My neck feels so much better! It all cracked into place after the stretches and massage, and I feel like I have more motion available! Thank you! ~ MF

The CranioSacral work you have done is holding and my headaches are down to one or two a day. And I’ve been able to manage them without drugs except for three times since you began treating me! My ears do not feel like they need to pop also! I am looking forward to a trip without painkillers! ~ BF

(Note from Cheryl: This was with only 2 treatments!)

“I highly recommend Cheryl as a massage therapist. I have been going to her for over 10 years and she has been consistently ‘in tune’ with my body and always helps work out my sore/stiff joints and muscles. She is a joy to visit and I feel lucky to have found her.” ~ LF

“Hi Cheryl! Thank you for checking in! The anxiety etc. from the crash and then the near cardiac arrest episode is all gone! Gone! I am so grateful! But about 3 weeks ago, I slipped and fell on my right hip — the same one that got hit (hard) in the crash. It is giving me some problems. I’ve been using essential oils, arnica cream (not too often) and heating pad. I wore high heels yesterday (not good!) so it hurts today. It was getting better before that. I REALLY want to see you, but I’m trying to be frugal! I wish I could see you daily! You are amazing! It is amazing, the effects of cranial sacral massage.” ~ MA


“I just finished a 2-hour workout, and I feel great. It’s amazing how much energy is spent coping with pain. I wanted to do more and more but convinced myself to moderate. 95% of pain is gone. You’re the best. Thank you.” ~ N

“I am very thankful I found Cheryl for CranioSacral Therapy. I have severe pressure and pain from maxillary sinus injuries and surgeries and her techniques have been very helpful in relieving these symptoms.” ~ IR

“Really just love everything about Cheryl Page – Massage Therapy. The location is convenient and her office, a pleasant, peaceful and cleanly atmosphere… Cheryl has a unique and experienced style and uses a ‘Resistance Technique’ that specifically works tense and tired muscular issues and by the time she completed the massage, about 90 minutes, I felt relaxed and energized at the same time!

She was very professional and I was impressed with the entire experience and look forward to the next, Massage Therapy by Cheryl Page!” ~ DC

“I have been thinking about a massage from Cheryl for a long time. I finally had one and I question why I waited so long. She is very talented and skilled with varying techniques to release trigger points & muscular cramps.” ~ TG

“Cheryl has been my massage therapist many years. I have fibromyalgia and even if I don’t feel immediate relief the same day, I always have an improvement by the next day. She is very aware of my trigger points and related muscle discomfort and adjusts her massage to give me maximum benefit.” ~ M

“Cheryl seems to be a very knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist. She is a very pleasant person. The only negative is the facility is a bit old. Charges are reasonable.” ~ S

“Excellent massage, really worked out the stiffness and pain from a recent fall. Definitely will go back to Cheryl.” ~ EK

“Enjoyed the massage.This person is very good at what she does. I will be going back for another massage soon.” ~ KS

“My mom and I got massages with Cheryl and we felt pretty good afterwards. I was especially grateful that she honored our voucher which had expired. I set up appointments and for one reason or another they didn’t work or we were playing phone tag. Next thing I knew, months had passed and I was hoping to see her. I’ve been wanting to see her for years b/c of her Craniosacral work, but wasn’t able to until recently. She seemed experienced and we had good conversation after we broke the ice. The room was simply set up, but felt complete. Relaxing music was playing in the background. I will be making an appointment soon to see her for a CS or other energy work session (I forgot the name)! Thanks, again Cheryl! I would recommend her to help you relax & unwind.” ~ L

“I love the whole experience with Cheryl. My back feel so much better. Thank you.” ~ KG

“Excellent Reiki massage. Very professional. Will return.” ~ JD

“Cheryl gave a fabulous therapeutic massage. Felt divine on my tired muscles.” ~ G


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